Questions About PDR

1. What is PDR?
Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a technique to remove minor dents from aluminum and steel bodies of a motor vehicle without obstructing the paint’s surface. This technique was invented by automobile assembly plants in the 1930’s and since then, has been widely accepted as the best way to remove minor dents.

2. How is paintless dent repair accomplished?
Paintless dent repair utilizes special tools that allow a trained technician to work on the underside of the metal and gently massage it back to its original shape. Today’s cars are manufactured using intense pressure to form the bodies of the car, giving the metal “memory” regarding the car’s original shape. No repainting or body filler is needed so your vehicle’s original factory finish is preserved. Also, there’s no risk of incorrect color matching, clean coast fading, peeling, over-spray or any of the problems and delays often associated with old-fashioned bodywork.

3. Why PDR?
The technique provides a number of advantages for you and your vehicle.

PDR is less costly than body work – PDR returns vehicles to its original factory condition without affecting the original paint finish. You also keep your vehicle’s Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) parts in place, including seals and panels.

PDR maintains a vehicle’s value –  Whether you own your vehicle or pay mortgages for your vehicle, PDR is an investment that will undoubtedly add significant value to resale vehicles.

PDR is quick and convenient – Repair may take only a day or two, compared to the considerably longer time period usually required of old-fashioned bodywork.

4. What about attempting do-it-yourself techniques found online?
No, you run the risk of causing additional damage to your vehicle finish.